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Busta Groove Creative Movement Class is a specialised dance program for children aged 2-5 yrs created to enhance their development through music and movement. Creative Movement encourages students' imagination, self-expression, personal growth and cognitive learning.
Structured Dance enhances motor learning through repetition and practice of dance movements.

Our teachers are experienced professionals and classes are conducted in the familiar surroundings of your day care centre.

Specialising in building confidence and co-ordination Busta Groove Creative Movement classes are designed to introduce toddlers to the world of music and dance in a fun and innovative fashion.

Children will develop their sense of rhythm in a group environment where the dance instructor will nurture individual progress. Classes also enhance concentration skills and fitness levels.

To discuss the opportunity for Busta Groove Creative Movement and Dance classes at your daycare centre please contact Rebecca directly on mobile 0419 938 297 or at .

   Flower Bullet   develop musical awareness
   Flower Bullet   advance gross motor skills
   Flower Bullet   boost self confidence
   Flower Bullet   improve balance and co-ordination
   Flower Bullet   stimulate imagination
   Flower Bullet   develop flexibility and physical strength

Creative Movement Class
Movement is Freedom
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